It is off the charts to be one of the most physically beautiful women in the world; suffering the slings and arrows that are part of the turf – the supernal flower Rosemary Cove - vulnerable, thus sacred.
An extraordinary athlete contender material spirit!
Music talent, could paint-draw and sculpt.
Mother of three children - with courage she has displayed throwing herself in the face of deadly combat and winning.
Her auto preference Ferrari – Top Speed!
A poetry of invested life – its action complex poured into the matrix of the arts potential, creation!

Rosemary & Flower

The dues she has paid and continues partaking in true payback of art to art and non-retentive learning.
Painting, drawing, Corten steel welded sculpture – clay, wax sculpture is her landscape.
Joy is her product.
Compassion and grace, her tools of commerce. Heroic stance her norm.
Her son Tony in thrilled surprise told Rosemary “Mom, you look just like the Statue of Liberty” – and in her work somehow waving through the flames a sweet graceful beauty is manifest.

- Knox Martin, October, 2004


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